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If you are here you have probably heard about rather tricky and complex Windows 10 privacy settings and how much data it can collect without user’s knowledge or consent.

In Windows 10 telemetry control is configured through multiple settings hidden in the Group policy editor, services list and task manager. Search and manual setup of all the parameters will take at least half an hour and you won’t be able to track changes (yep Windows can turn on telemetry after the next major update)

Hopefully, there are a lot of programs, that can protect your privacy, but none of them haven’t met our requirements: be user-friendly, track changes and the most important not to break the system!

So, that's why we created WPD – a tweaker that contains all privacy related settings in one tab! Where each setting has a description, you can safely disable everything in just one click, or use manual mode (for example, if you want to continue to use Cortana and/or OneDrive)

WDP was created by users for users.

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